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Splash Guard

A splash guard is an insert that is usually made of quartz that makes sure that the banger will stay clean throughout the dabbing process. The quartz insert rests at the bottom of the banger and its job is to make sure that the oil that is vaporized does not condense at the stem of the banger when dabbing.

The method of using a splash guard is fairly simple. You place a dab of concentrate inside of the splash guard, heat up the quartz banger, and then place the splash guard right inside the banger to vaporize the concentrate. The energy produced through conduction will heat up the splash guard and as a result, keep the banger clean and clear of any oil.

A splash guard can sometimes be found in bongs with heavy percolation and in that case, it prevents any water from bubbling up into the mouthpiece. There is a wide variety of different splash guards and before they ever existed, the only thing that came close to a splash guard was an ice pinch. These consisted of three spikes of glass holding ice which cools the air before it is able to reach the mouthpiece.

Some types of bongs have a neck that is bent in a way to act as a splash guard by making it much more difficult for water to enter up through the mouthpiece. Splash guards are a very useful addition to any dab rig if you want things to remain clean and tidy before your next use. And a splash guard in a bong will prevent the user from accidentally getting the foul-tasting bong water in their mouth.

Use of Term

The splash guard on my dab rig helps keep it so clean that I barely even have to lift a finger after I’m done using it.

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