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Solvent-free refers to a cannabisconcentrate that does not contain any residual solvent in the final completed product. A solvent is a liquid that is utilized to dissolve a substance to produce a solution. In cannabisextraction, the solvent is used to separate THC from the cannabis plant. A solvent-free product is known to be much safer to consume than ones that are made with solvents.

Solvent-based extraction always runs a slight risk of containing residual solvents in the finished product. There is a chance that these can be harmful to the user when ingested. When a cannabisconcentrate has 0 parts per million of residual solvent, it is known to be solvent-free. The process of getting the concentrate to 0 ppm is by extracting the hydrocarbon-based solvent from the substance to make sure that it is 100% cleared of all leftover residual solvents.

It involves extracting the cannabis plant material with heat, pressure, or water, or even a combination of all three. As with all cannabisextraction, the desired goal is to extract the best properties like the cannabinoids and THC, leave behind the negative properties, and then infuse the best properties into concentrates. Solvent-freeconcentrate is also known as distillate and some companies have also called it The Clear.

These terms both refer to the process of refining and distilling cannabis. Many people prefer to use solvent-free concentrates because of the overall stigma that sometimes occurs with concentrates that use solvents such as butane to produce the finished product. There is always the off-chance that a concentrate will end up having residual solvent and the user ingesting some of it.

Use of Term

I always prefer a solvent-free extraction because then I don’t have to worry about ever ingesting any solvents when I am dabbing my concentrates.

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