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A solvent is known to be a liquid that plays an important role in dissolving a substance to form a certain solution. During cannabisextraction, certain solvents are used to separate THC from the cannabis plant itself. Butane, CO2, and ethanal are popular solvents that are used to produce concentrates such as wax, hashoil, dabs, and shatter.

Concentrates typically contain a high level of THC and solventextraction leaves the rest of the unneeded plant material behind. There are two different methods with butaneextraction known as open blasting and a closed-loop system. The open blasting process requires inserting rawcannabis into a glass tube and then pouring butane through the glass tube. The butane then dissolves the heads of the trichomes and cannabinoids. Butane functions as a solvent to collect the resin into a little plate underneath the tube.

The finished product is known as butanehashoil once all of the solvents are purged from the extract. With the closed-loop system, the solvents and cannabis material cannot get loose. It is known to be a safer method of extraction. The goal is to rid the extract from all possible traces of solvents so that the