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Solubility refers to properties in certain substances that give something the ability to dissolve in a liquid, solid, or gaseous solvent. The solubility of a specific substance will depend on the properties of that solute. Many things can affect the solubility of a solution such as pressure, temperature, and pH. In the field of horticulture, solubility refers to fertilizers that have or do not have the ability to dissolve in water.

A water-soluble fertilizer is known to be one that can be used through a sprinkler when mixed with water. Many greenhouses use water-soluble fertilizers in the form of a mist, drip line irrigation system, or through a spray. The THC in cannabis is known to have low solubility in water. To put things into perspective, this would mean that a normal edibledose of 10mg of THC would need over three liters of water to dissolve.

In other lipids such as alcohol, THC dissolves fairly easily. Recent advances in cannabis chemistry have gotten to the point where there are now almost completely water-soluble THC solutions. Because of the numerous ways the cannabis can now be consumed, fewer people are resorting to smoking it. Edibles have exploded in popularity, and with water-soluble THC products rising as well, it’s foreseen to gain even more attraction.

Water-soluble THC is at its full effect within 15 minutes of consuming it. For medicinal marijuana patients, this quick reaction time is seen as a great benefit. It can also appeal to recreational users that don’t want to wait an hour if they eat a cannabis-infused brownie. Water-soluble THC products have very low-calorie counts with only the added sugars contributing to it.

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I’m glad that the cannabis industry has done the research on solubility. These water-soluble THC drinks taste great and I felt high within 15 minutes of consuming it.

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