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A slab refers to a large amount of shatter, wax, or hash oil that has solidified into a single piece. When kept at a cool temperature or frozen, slabs of certain concentrate can crack and break apart easily for optimal dosage. Sometimes a slab can be a whole cookie sheet of concentrate, where other times it can just be a smaller square piece.

It is possible to break smaller concentrate bits off of the bigger slab and then use them to dab. For many usersa slab form of concentrate is preferred because it is neat and organized compared to just a large blob or clump. Sometimes some people that have shatter will turn it into a slab. It’s a more compact, convenient, and functional form of concentrate.

A big, well-formed slab allows the user to clearly see the colour of the concentrate, purity, density, and clarity. Slabbing out is a term that is used to describe how a concentrate slab is formed. To produce a good slab, the first step is to place the concentrate evenly over a sheet of parchment paper.

The paper is then very slowly heated up so that the concentrate melts across the paper surface into a slab-like form. While making the slab, care must be exercised not to generate too much heat, because all the terpenes may potentially be burned away. Once the form of the slab is established, letting the warm concentrate cool off at room temperature is crucial. If consumers want to dab a concentrate in slab form, they will often claim they want to take a slab dab. Usually, slabs can be in wax, hash, or shatter form.

Use of Term

I typically like my concentrate to be in slab form so that I can visibly see the true colors, density, purity, and clarity of the final product. It’s also much more organized instead of it being a big blob.

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