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Sinsemilla is a highly concentrated type of cannabis that doesn’t contain any seeds. Many people tend to think that it is an actual separate strain of cannabis itself, but it’s not. The Spanish word translates to without seeds. Seedless cannabis is known to be higher in potency in comparison to cannabis with seeds. Sinsemilla is a strain of cannabis that allows the female plant to produce flowers but is protected from fertilization so that seeds won’t be produced.

The higher THC levels in sensimilla are what attracts users to it. If you find cannabis growing in the wild, more than half of it is composed of seeds. This is known to be ideal for animals, but it is a nuisance for human consumers of it. Seedless female cannabis plants will generally live longer in comparison to their seeded counterparts.

They also produce flowers for nearly a month longer. When cannabis began to kick off in the 1970s, a discovery was made and it found that culling male cannabis plants before adequately maturing would prevent the pollination process and result in buds with no seeds once harvested. The name sinsemilla is known to have originated in the southwestern United States. Initially, people thought that sensimilla and regular cannabis were just two very different types, and failed to realize that they are completely the same, but just cultivated differently.

As people started to become more aware of sinsemilla and its advantages, growers started to produce more and more of it. Techniques were developed that provided growers the opportunity to grow sinsemilla for distribution, and at the same time, pollinate specific branches of the healthiest female plants in the crop with pollen from a different crop of carefully selected males.

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The sinsemilla weed I smoked the other day was extremely potent and enjoyable.

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