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Shatter/ice refers to a cannabis extract that is very brittle and tends to resemble glass. It is named that way because it is so easy to break and will look just like broken glass when it is in pieces. Users favor shatter/ice when dabbing because it is so simple to handle. The purging process requires much patience when manufacturing shatter because it is a solvent-based extract. Shatter/ice is fairly translucent and its color can range from amber hues to yellow, olive oil looking shades.

Most shatter/ice will appear to have the same consistency with each other. The overall texture is what differentiates shatter because one type can be very brittle while another can feel rubbery and flexible. A shatter that is higher in THC will most likely feel a lot sappier that one that isn’t as high.

The origination of shatter can be traced back to original hash production. It was in the late 1990s when cannabis concentrate production really started to pick up the pace. A manufacturer in Canada named BudderKing started marketing budder and shatter. His products started entering dispensaries by 2003. By 2010, shatter/ice has become a mainstream and popular concentrate that is used with dab rigs.

Beginners should be aware that because shatter/ice has a very high THC content, it can also create some side effects that may turn unpleasant if it is overconsumed. Starting with the smallest dab possible is the suggested way to break the ice and then gradually increase from there. The cannabis used to make shatter/ice can be of any type ranging from flower nugs to shake.

Use of Term

The shatter that I picked up the other day looked like a perfect piece of yellow ice. I used it in my dab rig and I don’t think I’ve ever been that high in my entire life.

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