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Shake in the field of cannabis is a term used to refer to whatever is leftover. Shake consists of little tiny pieces of weed that have fallen off buds just through everyday handling. Knowing what to search for when packing a bowl of shake because if you grab the wrong stuff, it can mean the difference between a nice, clean smoke or non-stop coughing. Consumers can often find shake at medical dispensaries.

Sometimes the budtenders will have large jars with shake stored in them. It is usually collected and sold on its own or used to make pre-rolled joints or blunts. Buying shake separately is in most cases, cheaper than if you purchased the cannabis in bud form. Purchasing shake will eliminate the step of having to grind up your own weed for use in joints. The user still has to make sure that the shake isn’t of poor quality.

When you think of leftovers, you know that in most cases, it won’t be as good as a fresh meal. There are some businesses out there that will fill their pre-rolled joints with shake that is of low quality. There is only one certain way to know if the shake that you purchased in a pre-roll is if you cut open the joint or blunt and examine it yourself.

Shake can typically be dry if the jars that it was stored in have been left open for too long or if it is old. Oxidization occurs faster in shake because it’s loose in comparison to tightly packed buds. Many users don’t want stems or other plant material in their joints, which becomes nearly impossible to pick out with shake.

Use of Term

The shake I bought the other day was extremely low quality. I don’t even think I got high from it.

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