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A session is a term used to refer to smoking cannabis with two or more people. Sometimes it includes people that you don’t even know. A session usually occurs outside in a recreational park, a garage, or anywhere where a group of people can gather and light up. Some users like to ‘hotbox’. This refers to having a session in a small, enclosed space. Things will smell after, but it is an experience that will leave the user very high. Sometimes it is referred to as a ‘sesh’, which is just short for a session.

One of the biggest cannabis sessions occurs on April 20 of each year. Many different methods of smoking cannabis are usually done during a session. Sometimes someone will roll a large blunt and just pass it around the group of people in a circular fashion. Each person will take their turn taking a drag on the blunt and then pass it along to the next person. Other times, people will fill up the bowl in their bong, light it up, refill it, and pass it to the next person. If people really want to get creative, they will use fruit, such as an apple to smoke out of.

A session can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Sometimes people will trade weed during a session and allow their friends to try out their strains to see what types they enjoy. Many people consider sessions to be a good way to get to know people. The conversations between a group of people during a session are fairly different than the ones where no cannabis is being used.

Use of Term

My friends and I had a 2 hour long session on Saturday. We rolled a 4 gram blunt and just kept puffing and puffing.

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