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Sinsemilla is a concentrated type of cannabis. Sinsemilla produces no seeds, and allows the female cannabis plant to produce only flowers and buds. This process ensures the female plant is left unfertilized and helps to produce an end product with a higher level of potency. The Spanish word means “without seeds.” It is understood that seedless weed is higher in potency in comparison cannabis that does have seeds.

Sensimilla is a cannabis strain that allows flowers to be produced by the female plant, but it is secured from fertilisation so that seeds are not produced. The draw to sensimilla for consumers is the higher levels of THC that it contains. When you discover cannabis growing in the wild, seeds make up more than half of it. This is considered to be suitable for wildlife, but to people that want to consume it, it is seen an annoyance.

Seedless female cannabis plants are normally going to live longer than their seeded counterparts. The will typically also produce flowers for over a month longer than seeded plants. As cannabis started to kick off in the 1970s, a discovery was made that culling male cannabis plants before maturing properly would inhibit the cycle of pollination and result in buds with no seed once harvested.

Originally, people thought that sensimilla and standard cannabis were just two very different types of cannabis, and did not realise that they were exactly the same, but they were grown differently. When people became more conscious of sensimilla and its effects, growers began producing more and more of it. Techniques have been created to provide growers with the opportunity to cultivate sensimilla for distribution, while at the same time, pollinating different sections of the healthiest female plants in the crop with pollen from another crop of carefully selected males.

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That sensimilla cannabis is always able to get me high.

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