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Seed-to-Sale Concentrates

Seed-to-sale concentrates refers to a company that will grow seeds into plants from scratch, and then process the concentrates all on their own. The company will conduct the entire process themselves without outsourcing any of the work along the way. No middle-man is used for growing, processing, or selling. The one company will grow, cultivate, harvest, extract, and sell the concentrates.

Many times pharmaceutical concentrates are seed-to-sale concentrates, and this option is preferred for some because they can ensure a greater degree of control and purity into the finished product. The process can be thought of as a full home construction company building the houses from start to scratch with their own construction crew at every step of the way instead of having to hire out a separate insulator, drywaller, or roofer.

Because of the high degree of control and professionalism that seed-to-sale companies have, the concentrates are known to be top-shelf products, which means they are near the best in terms of quality. Seed-to-sale software is usually used to make sure that the concentrates are only the very best. Every step of cycle from seeding to selling is carefully monitored and tracked. Any deficiences that are found within the system are tracked and traced back to the root so that they can be fixed.

Many medicinal users prefer seed-to-sale concentrates because of the freshness and purity of the product. Seed-to-sale concentrates are in most cases, made in medicinal labs that have the finances to use the best and most up-to-date equipment available. Hydrocarbon extractors are generally used in seed-to-sale manufacturing.

Use of Term

I prefer to purchase seed-to-sale concentrates because they use the most recent and up-to-date software, manufacturing practices, and purity of cannabis possible to produce their products. I’ve tried other concentrates, and nothing has come close as of yet.

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