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Seed-to-sale refers to software that is used to assist retailers and dispensary owners to organize their operations in a way that is more compliant and transparent. Because of the entire transition from back alley cannabis dealing, to dispensaries and retailers, it comes with a whole set of challenges, and regulations are one of them.

In around June 2016, Microsoft even helped develop a cannabis seed-to-sale- platform that is used by regulatory agencies. Seed-to-sale software makes the labeling, tracking, and managing process of cannabis products much easier and more seamless. The software ensures that not a tiny fraction of cannabis plant material will go missing without being noticed.

As with most things before the rise of computers and software, seed-to-sale used to be done with pen and paper, which always isn’t the most reliable method. With the software, it becomes a much more organized method of managing all plants according to their specific needs by completely automating the process.

The software keeps track of the plants by assigning them each a barcode. It will provide reminders of tasks that need to be done, a chain of custody tracking that will keep a note of what employee did what at which point of the day, clone tracking of a breed of cannabis plants, and how much energy is being consumed by calculating electricity bills in a certain day, week, or month. The software has an environmental monitor that provides information on humidity levels, temperature, and CO2 levels.

Ingredient tracking will reveal all of the nutrients that are being used in a particular plant and this will help reveal what might be causing plant deficiencies. The software also tracks how much medical cannabis a patient will be buying to ensure they are staying

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The seed-to-sale software that company uses makes their growing operation so much simpler.

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