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A seed is the embryonic planted that has an outer shell of protection. A seed is created when pollen fertilizes the female plant and with cannabis seeds, they are ready to plant and start growing once they have germinated successfully. There are many different forms of seeds such as feminized, regular, or auto-flowering. People that choose to grow cannabis at home usually prefer to grow feminized seeds. Cannabis produces seeds that have all of the genetics needed for growth and continued reproduction.

If a seed is grown to maturity and contains many desirable traits, a breeder can select these and then attempt to grow a different strain altogether. Cannabis seeds are oval and nearly the size of a peppercorn. They have a little point on each end and a ridge that flourishes open during the germination stage. The seeds are brown and the ones that are not developed or fertilized yet are much smaller and white. Cannabis seeds typically have spots or stripes on them.

Cannabis seeds are produced by the pollen grain from a male cannabis plant. From the pollen grain, a pollen tube will grow from it that creates cells that will soon disperse off. Once dispersed, this pollen will migrate to a female cannabis plant ovule which causes pistils to fall off and triggers seed production. The bracts are what holds the ovule and this is what fills up with seeds. Cannabis seeds can be found at many brick-and-mortar retail locations and online as well. The feminized seeds are the most sought after ones on the market. It’s best to keep light and humidity away from seeds when storing them.

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I picked up a cannabis seed the other day and this strain is said to be very potent and have a great taste to it.

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