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Seasoning is the process of heating a nail or banger to provide increased flavour of concentrates. Cast-iron skillets achieve optimal flavour via a similar process of heat over time. You can think of seasoning as comparable to the preparation of a new set of pots or pans that you just bought. Most customers are going to have to season the pots or pans with oil to eliminate the factory type of flavour that they sometimes come included with.

Since dab nails are made in mass factory quantities, when they are newly used, they tend to have an off-tasting flavor A dab nail will have to be properly seasoned to bring out the best tasting concentrate. Although not all dab nails need seasoning, as a result of the manufacturing process, the quartz and titanium ones usually do so. Glass and ceramic ones typically don’t require seasoning.

Seasoning a dab nail is a very easy process that consists of only a few short steps that won’t take long at all. The first step is to fill a large container full oy cold water and then add a few ice cubes. After that, you need a pair of pliers to grab the bottom of the nail and make sure you don’t snap or bend it. Warm up the torch that you use for dabbing, then heat the dab nail for about a minute until it is red hot.

Doing so will burn off any grease that could create an unpleasant taste. After the dab nail has been heated, lower it into the cold water until it is fully submerged. Then give the dab a good shake until no water is left on it. Repeating this procedure a few times should ensure that the dab nail does not contain any factory grease on it. After cleaning the nail, try it out with some concentrate and see if the taste is normal.

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Seasoning my dab nail was the best thing I could’ve done. Concentrates taste great now.

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