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Schwag is a term that is used to describe cannabis that is of a very low quality. It usually references the cheapest class of weed that comes out of Mexico and can be thought of as dried out, brown-colored weed that contains stems, seeds, and other excess unwanted plant material. In many cases, schwag has a foul, pungent odor and doesn’t contain any of the pleasant smelling terpenes that can be found in higher tier weed.

The THC content found in schwag is known to be very low, as well as the cannabinoids. Users will barely feel the psychoactive effects, or they will need to consume a large amount to feel anything at all. When a user purchases schwag, it usually just resembles a bag of stems and mixed leaves instead of good looking buds. It doesn’t contain much flavor and if it does, it’s usually not very good. A user that smokes schwag will have throat issues and in most cases, cough after taking a hit.

A lot of dispensaries opt to not even bother selling this low-quality product for fear of getting a bad reputation for themselves. Dealers will sell schwag at a reduced price, and if a dealer is selling suspiciously cheap weed, it is usually schwag quality. With schwag, you won’t see diamond-looking trichomes on it, you won’t have sticky fingers after touching it, and the smell will remind you of compost. Most growers mass-produce schwag for no other reason than to make a profit. It doesn’t take any effort to toss a bunch of seeds into some mud and then water it and sell it after it’s done growing.

Use of Term

I unknowingly purchased schwag from someone and it was the worst cannabis I have ever had in my life. It smelled bad, left me coughing, and I won’t touch it again.

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