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Sativa is a term in the cannabis industry that is used to refer to weed that provides a high that is cerebral, uplifting, and energetic. The cannabis sativa plant will display long, thin leaves, and typically have a fairly long flowering time. Sativas are said to grow the best in warm climates and can reach up to 12 feet tall in one single season. Sativa and indica are both terms that are usually used to refer to their effect profiles.

When you tell someone that you have sativa type cannabis, they will most likely know that the high will be an energizing one. The cannabis industry uses sativa and indica to associate their products with what effects they will receive if customers purchase their products. Even though consumers can sometimes be misguided by thinking sativa or indica cannabis will produce the effects specific to them each time, the terms are much more beneficial for cultivators than the consumers themselves.

For cultivators, sativa is used to describe the plant’s physical characteristics during growth. So, when you tell a cultivator you grew sativa, they will instantly know that the plant will be tall, have fairly thin leaves, and will take a long time to flower. Sativa is a term that dates back to 1548 when a herbalist named William Turner used it as a scientific name to refer to cultivated hemp. In 1753, a botanist named Carl Linnaeus said C. sativa was the only species of cannabis, but around 32 years later, a biologist named Jean-Baptiste Lamarck said indica was another separate species apart from sativa.

Use of Term

I like to use sativa before I go to the gym because in most cases, it seems to give me a fair amount of energy in comparison to if I used indica cannabis.

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