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Cannabis Ruderalis is a short and stalky plant compared to its sativa and indica counterparts. It is one of the three main variations of the cannabis plant and grows approximately 2 feet high. Ruderalis has a very low THC content but high CBD content. Ruderalis is considered to be a potential third subspecies of marijuana. Sativa and indica are the other two well-known subspecies.

Ruderalis comes from the word ruderal, and it is understood that a ruderal plant species can develop in its environment regardless of whether or not human beings or other disturbances have taken over an area. Some are firm to to conclude that ruderalis is a descendant of indica due to its ability to adapt to harsh climates in the north, and because of its much shorter growing seasons.

Originating in China, Central/Eastern Europe and Russia, ruderalis is classified as a breed of help that had escaped cultivation and found a way to survive the conditions in which it was grown. Ruderalis has recently been introduced into indoor environments in an effort to begin to incorporate it into new hybrid strains of cannabis. It is about 1 to 2.5 feet tall, is comprised of thick stems, flowers automatically after about 21 to 30 days of vegetation, and is ready for harvest about 70 to 110 days after seeding.

Compared to indica and sativa, it is a stalky plant and the growth pattern can be described as shaggy and rough. It has large, light green leaflets, and its buds are chunky, but supported by its thick stems. It is not clear whether Ruderalis has high THC concentrations. Breeders tend to like ruderalis because it has a short lifecycle and is capable of autoflowering. These characteristics make it ideal for use in hybridization.

Use of Term

I’m not going to smoke any ruderalis cannabis because there’s no THC in it.

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