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Rotary Evaporator

A rotary evaporator is a piece of equipment that is used in the production of cannabis concentrates. Because ethanol is known to be fairly expensive, the evaporator is used to obtain ethanol from ethanol-based concentrates. Butane hash oil can be made with a rotary evaporator and it is considered to be a good method to concentrate oils to a level ranging from 15 to 40%.

Using a rotary evaporator is known to be a very solid method of purging solvents from the finished concentrate product and makes the oil extremely pure. Four different components make up a rotary evaporator. The rotor, condenser, heat bath, and solvent trap. There is also a vacuum pump that is attached to it. To hold in the cannabis, there is usually also a bump trap and circular bottom flask. The flask on the evaporator rotates and this is what causes the increased evaporation in comparison to other evaporators on the market that don’t rotate at all.

The rotation process is said to reduce the chances of the device overheating. Once cannabis goes through this rotary evaporation process, the concentrate that is left behind is an amber-colored oily and glassy substance. The expensive ethanol that was extracted can also be reused. Many labs will have a rotary evaporator and the equipment has been known to be one of the more common methods of solvent removal.

It adds a greater measure of control in comparison to some other methods. It is also known to be simple to scale up by using up to 20-liter flasks, and this added measure of flexibility is what makes it ideal for use in the cannabis industry.

Use of Term

This butane hash oil was purged using a rotary evaporator, so I can consume this concentrate without worrying about any lingering solvents because evaporators are known to be very effective at removing solvents.

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