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Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are a unique type of paper that is used for rolling up joints, blunts, and cigarettes. Rolling papers can be used to roll manually or by a machine. There are many different sized sheets and flavors that rolling papers come in and are typically folded inside of a cardboard wrapper. Rolling papers originated in Spain and are also commonly known as blanks. After Christopher Columbus arrived back from his travels to America, he brought back a bunch of tobacco to smoke.

To smoke this tobacco, they used newspapers to roll it up, and this eventually led to the creation of rolling papers. Once the taxation on cigarettes increased drastically, the popularity of rolling papers increased. Smokers would avoid paying such high taxes by just rolling their cigarettes with rolling papers. Cannabis users started to pick up on this a short while later and that led to the creation of joints.

The material that is used to make rolling papers is typically hemp, flax, rice straw, and wood pulp. They are mostly around 70mm to 110mm in length. They also come in a wide range of widths and thicknesses. Some types of rolling papers are bleached with chemicals to make them lighter, stronger, and to burn for a longer period. Some users like to experience various flavors when smoking cannabis, so they can purchase flavored rolling papers. Some of the various flavors are blueberry, coconut, grape, pineapple, and chocolate.

Use of Term

I had to get used to rolling papers to roll a perfect joint, but I think I have finally learned the process. At first, using rolling papers was a nightmare, but now my joints actually resemble a near perfect cigarette and everyone says that I’m the best joint roller thay they know.

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