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A roach is the end of a joint or filter used to roll a joint. A roach usually burns very small and can easily burn the users fingers, which is why using a roach clip or a simple paper clip is recommended. A roach filters all the smoke of a joint are a filled with resin after use. A roach is often left over if the user is unable to consume the entire joint, while other times it is left over because the joint is burned to the extent that it becomes too tiny and the user is afraid to burn their fingertips.

Since THC has the ability to pass through the joint, there is quite a bit of resin in it, which results in it being potent. Roaches typically have a brown colour due to the layers of smoke that move through the joint every time it is inhaled. Smoking roaches should be something that a person does not do very often because frequent use can cause damage to lungs. To avoid having to save them, many people would dispose of their roaches.

Another way to prevent a joint from even becoming a roach and burning your fingers is to use a philtre in the joint. There are a few other options to smoke roaches aside from using roach clips. You can break down the cannabis inside the roach and place it in a bowl or bong and then just consume it that way.

Using a keychain creates a good alternative clip for the roach. You simply slide the roach in an angle between the rings and the keyring, allowing you to get to the roach’s tip without having to burn your fingers. Another simple method is a paper clip, and all you do is bend it into the shape of the roach. Tweezers are probably the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way because you can just grab the roach, light it up and smoke it.

Use of Term

I smoked a leftover roach last night before bed and slept the entire night.

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