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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is known as a fairly potent cannabis extract that is not refined. It is extracted from cannabis using ethanol and it is named after the man who invented it and also the first to reap the benefits from it. Rick Simpson was the inventor of this oil and states that it cured his skin cancer. It is also commonly referred to as Phoenix Tears and that is the name of Rick’s website.

As a result, he has boasted about the benefits of medical cannabis use and has given away many samples of his oil. Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer in around 2003. After his initial diagnosis, he began doing research and found a study that claimed that THC killed cancer cells in mice. While already being a big fan of medical cannabis use and using it for tinnitus and dizziness, Simpson decided to try and treat his skin cancer with cannabis oil. Simpson created the oil in his home and began applying it to the moles that were considered to be cancerous on his skin.

He covered them with a bandaid and stated that after just four days, the growths disappeared. After this, he started to grow his own cannabis to create an oil blend used specifically for this purpose. Simpson has lived in Europe since 2013 because he now is not permitted in the U.S. because of his illegal wrongdoings with the Canadian government. Simpson has stated that he stopped making and supplying his oil to consumers because of it being illegal in so many different countries.

He has instructions on his website on exactly how to make it for people that are interested in trying it out themselves.

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I used Rick Simpson Oil on my cancerous moles a few weeks ago and they disappeared.

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