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Resin is a term used to refer to the sticky and tar-like solution that is most commonly found in pipes, bongs, and other devices used to smoke cannabis. It tends to occur when the devices have not been regularly cleaned out after use over a long period of time. When you analyze a cannabis plant, you will most likely notice that it has very small and sticky hairs covering it. These hairs are known as trichomes.

The trichomes are held together by resin, and resin is what is known to contain the terpenes, cannabinoids and other related compounds. Resin can be thought of as the substance that holds many of the compounds together. One of the main responsibilities of resin is to keep pests away. Resin has a bitter taste to it and also has some terpenes in it that naturally repel pests. Linalool is one of these terpenes in cannabis that repels pests and it is quite commonly used as an ingredient in insecticides.

Another common responsibility of resin is that it keeps the cannabis plant protected from exposure to UV rays from the sun and prevents the plant from drying out. Many users will find ways to collect resin because it is what contains all of the cannabis plant’s desirable compounds. The THC content in resin that is found in a pipe or bong is considered to be fairly low. The taste of it will not be pleasant either and it will most likely have tar in it. Inhaling smoke from tar is not healthy for the lungs.

One of the easiest ways to remove resin from a pipe is to put it in a sealed bag, fill the bag with rubbing alcohol and a teaspoon of table salt, and let it sit for half a day.

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