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Recreational refers to the use of cannabis in a non-medicinal way to reach an altered state of consciousness for reasons that are strictly for pleasure. This altered state of consciousness is referred to as being high and it includes feelings of euphoria, happiness, exhilaration, relaxation, increased senses, increased appetite, altered sense of time, and many other effects. Cannabis is known to be the most widely used recreational drug in the owrld. But it also has a number of medicinal benefits.

Recreational cannabis has a lot higher THC content than medical cannabis strains. Many of the patients that use cannabis for medical reasons just want the high levels of CBD content, which is said to produce the medicinal benefits. CBD is the main ingredient in cannabis that makes it medicinal and when there is a higher CBD content in it, the lower the potency of high one will achieve.

Recreational cannabis can be consumed in many different ways. It is most commonly smoked as a dry and shredded mix of flowers and bud. It can be smoked through a joint, blunt, bong, or pipe. Cannabis can also be concentrated down to other forms like hash and this will produce a more potent high. For recreational users, finding a cannabis strain with a high THC content is usually the goal.

The higher the THC content, the higher the user will feel. You don’t need a recommendation for recreational cannabis and no medical card is required. Sometimes consuming too much cannabis that is too high in THC can adversely affect the user and cause them to feel uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety.

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I started smoking recreational cannabis about two weeks ago because my friends kept telling me it is so fun and relaxing. The beginning was a bit frightening, not knowing what was awating me on my first experience, but for the most part, it was fun.

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