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Reciprocity refers to the exchange of privileges between people, businesses, states, and nations that are done on a mutual basis. Laws of reciprocity in the cannabis industry means that one nation will recognize a written recommendation for medical cannabis from another nation.

For example, if a patient with arthritis was given a written recommendation for medical cannabis use to ease their symptoms of pain and inflammation, and that person brought that recommendation over to another nation and handed out medical cannabis, this would reciprocity. There was a law that was passed in Nevada in 2014 that allowed the state to recognize recommendations for medical marijuana that were issued in other states.

Many tourists or people that are traveling from state to state or country to country will have this question because numerous people use marijuana for medical purposes. It has become very similar to a pharmacist giving out prescription medications from other states or countries. Reciprocal laws from location to location eases the burden on medical users having to worry about transporting cannabis around the country.

Many places do not have reciprocity laws and will require tourists to get a whole new card that is valid and only specific to the state that they are traveling to. 10 states of legalized cannabis for recreational use and at least 20 states have decriminalized it.

This means that as long as you are over 21 years old, you can consume small amounts of cannabis. 28 states have medical marijuana programs set in place.

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I am starting to enjoy the reciprocity laws coming into place from state to state. This allows me to bring my medical marijuana card wherever I go and have access to it to relieve my symptoms of arthritis. I stopped worrying about forgetting my medical marijuana car when I travel now.

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