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QWISO (Isopropyl Hash Oil)

QWISO (Isopropyl Hash Oil) refers to when trichomes on a cannabis plant are extracted from it using isopropyl alcohol. The final product that this is used to process is hash oil or QWISO oil. It is also commonly known as quick-wash hash isopropyl is the only type of alcohol that can be used in this extraction method. Rubbing alcohol or regular drinking alcohol should never be used.

Even though this is referred to as a quick-wash method, the process is something that should not be rushed. Rushing it would cause extremely reduced effectiveness and quality. Butane hash oil is a similar product, but the main and key difference is the method of extraction that is used.

The whole process of producing isopropyl hash oil is not very complicated. If you want to make it in your home, some things you will need are a coffee pot made of glass, a metal screen or filter, paper coffee filters, glass bowl, splash guard, mason jar, storage container made of plastic, utensils for cutting, and an oven. The process starts with freezing the cannabis for around a week ahead of time.

After that, the cannabis trimmings are then put into the mason jar and the isopropyl alcohol is added until the jar is nearly full to the top. After placing the lid on it, give the jar a good shake for just over one minute. The mixture should then be strained and the plant material placed into the plastic container. The isopropyl alcohol and cannabis mixture should then be strained numerous times through the paper filters into the coffee pot. After that, leave it in the sun to evaporate. Once that step is done, scrape the mixture off and cook it in the oven for around seven minutes. Give it a good blend and it should be ready to go.

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