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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the process of keeping a keen eye on things to ensure that products will consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. In the cannabis industry, quality assurance is extremely important to have a business that will continue to be successful and to keep it growing for the long-term. Many cannabis testing labs are looking to lean towards a more regulated industry that is governed by quality assurance professionals to ensure that the standards are up to par on a wide scale.

Some researchers have noted that the cannabis industry is operating in the absence of oversight of federal regulations. Water, food, and pharmaceutical industries all have this oversight, but the cannabis industry is void of that so far. A quality assurance system is said to minimize the risk involved and to maximize the adherence to correct procedures.

Quality assurance ultimately has the goal of ensuring that cannabis operations are conducted safely, accurately, in compliance with regulations, and to have the end result of consumers being satisfied in their purchases. If there was no quality assurance, customers would have no idea what type of product they are purchasing, how it was made, and it could result in a whole pile of negative consequences.

Some still have the misconception that quality assurance is just another added cost instead of a cost that is used to maximize profitability. Quality assurance can be seen as a stamp of approval that helps to ensure that standards are being met in any type of operation.

Use of Term

I prefer to purchase weed from places that have a stamp of approval from a quality assurance professional. This helps give me a peace of mind in that I can ensure I am purchasing a safe and effective product every time, without having to worry about getting sick.

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