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Q-Tip Tech

Q-tip tech is short for the Q-tip technique and refers to a way to clean your dab nail with the outcome of lengthening its life. A dab rig and dab nail are not cheap pieces of gear, so cleaning them is the best way to extend their usage. In addition, having a clean dab nail will also increase the flavor of each dab that a user takes.

Sometimes the oily residue that accumulates on the dab nail can be very unsightly to a user and over time, it will taint the flavor of each dab. If it is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can build up and turns into a very difficult process to remove at that point.

The Q-tip tech is an easy process to clean out the dab nail or banger. It just involves taking a Q-tip and using it to wipe off the oily substance from the dab nail or banger. The Q-tip can get into all of the small crevices and all sides of the cotton on the Q-tip should be used. When cleaning it out with this technique, the dab nail should be fairly hot because it makes the process much easier and the residue wipes off more smoothly.

Even though the cotton on the Q-tip may burn, it is nothing to worry about. Once the dab nail starts to cool down again, the residue will start to become sticky and the cotton can be cleared off. After each dab, the Q-tip tech should be used. This may become a tedious process, but it will ensure a great dab each time and will save later effort. Sometimes the Q-tip can be dipped into a bit of rubbing alcohol, and this will ensure an even better clean.

Use of Term

I use the Q-tip tech to clean out my dab rig and it works flawlessly every time.

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