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Pull ‘n’ Snap

Pull ‘n’ Snap refers to a consistency of shatter that can be stretched but will usually snap if you quickly pull it apart. The consistency is a happy medium between shatter and wax. Wax is a little on the runny side while shatter is of a more solid texture.

When you do end up pulling it apart, it tends to make a snapping kind of sound, hence the name pull ‘n’ snap. Pull ‘n’ snap can be consumed through dabbing, but it can also be mixed in a bowl to result in a more potent high. If you have ever had a taffy candy, this can quickly remind you of how the exact consistency of pull ‘n’ snap is like. If the temperature of the room is milder, then it will most likely have a pulling apart consistency, but if it is cooler, it should be able to easily snap apart.

Quick motions will also cause it to break apart easier, while slow and smoother motions will just cause it to stretch. Many consumers of pull ‘n’ snap enjoy the consistency and visual appeal that it has. They find it easy to work with and not as sticky as some of the other concentrates like sap. Because of the fact that it shares properties of both shatter and wax, it makes it fairly versatile. Users sometimes prefer to wrap some of it around their joints or blunts and it can also potentially be converted into budder.

Use of Term

I’ve never tried the pull ‘n’ snap before. It feels like a gooey type of taffy-like candy that I had when I was a kid. I think I will roll a blunt and then wrap the pull ‘n’ snap around the tip before smoking it with my friends later.

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