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Pulegone is known to be a terpene that contains a strong peppermint-like aroma. It is used in many different flavoring agents, perfumes, colognes, and aromatherapies. It can also be found in many insecticides, and there is currently research being conducted in trying to determine if pulegone can help restore memory by controlling memory-inhibiting proteins. Its minty properties are comparable to menthol and a wild source of this terpene can be found in the palo santo tree that is commonly found in Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela.

If you’ve ever purchased a scented toy for your cat, then you might have come across pulegone. It is also found naturally in catnip. Candles use pulegone when using it to give them a minty aroma. Many different varieties of teas, alcohol, and baked goods will also use pulegone. Pulegone has been used to treat many different health conditions. Some of them are menstrual issues, indigestion, colds, convulsions, and headaches.

More research is needed, but pulegone may have therapeutic properties for people that deal with anxiety. In a study conducted in 2014 with the use of mice, it found that pulegone contained anti-anxiety properties. This same study also found that pulegone may be able to improve mental and motor control function because of its psychostimulant effects.

In cannabis, pulegone is considered to be a secondary terpene that is in fairly low concentrations. Users that have consumed cannabis that contained amounts of pulegone reported that they had mild relief of stress and felt a degree of sedation. OG Kush is a notable strain that contains pulegone.

Use of Term

I picked up some OG Kush the other day and this strain of cannabis is said to have pulegone in it. I think that might have been why my stress levels were lowered after smoking it. I also felt pretty sedated.

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