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Provisioning Center

A provisioning center is a term that is used to refer to a dispensary where cannabis is sold to medical patients or primary caregivers that are registered for cannabis use. In the state of Michigan, medical cannabis shops cannot call themselves pharmacies, dispensaries, drugstores, or apothecaries. If they do refer to themselves as one of these terms, it could put them at risk of losing their license.

They have to use the term provisioning center, and can’t advertise themselves as anything but that. This terminology that is used is considered to be a nod to the Michigan Public Health Code. The provisioning center encompasses any commercial property where cannabis is sold to patients that are registered or primary caregivers that are registered. They also use a different spelling of marijuana in their advisory bulletins. They spell it as ‘marihuana’ instead of with a j.

This goes way back to the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, and they chose to keep the spelling just like that so that that legislature wouldn’t have to change the spelling to its more commonly spelled way with a j. A state-approved medical marijuana patient card is required to make any purchases from a provisioning center.

Use of Term

I recently was qualified as a registered medical marijuana patient, so I’m going to pick up some medical cannabis at the provisioning center down the street in hopes to gain some relief from my arthritis symptoms. I find that it really reduces the inflammation and pain in my joints, so I use it occasionally to for pain relief . I’m glad that they refer to it as a provisioning center because it sounds a lot more professional for me to go there than a dispensary for my medical needs.

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