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Propane Hash Oil (PHO)

Propanehashoil (PHO) is an extract that is made with the use of medical-grade propane as its sole and primary solvent in the extraction process. It is known as PHO and is typically of a light yellowish color. Some users refer to it as propane honey oil. The consistency of PHO is very similar to budder. A user the consumes PHO will not need a large amount to feel its effects because it is known to be a fairly potent extract. Because propane has a lower boiling point than butane, this is what creates a different consistency when using these two different solvents in the extraction process.

Propane is also known to create a product that is higher in terpenes. Butanehashoil (BHO) will have more of a shatter consistency as opposed to PHO having a budder consistency. PHO is known to be a little more oily and softer to the touch, whereas BHO is more brittle. PHO is not as commonly available as BHO, but they are both made in similar ways. Propane is more costly than butane, so extractors will use a mixture of both solvents in order to achieve the best efficiency for the product. The propane-based solvent results in different ratios of plant oils and waxes.

Propanehashoil may take a few weeks to make successfully. The process involves vacuum purging the solvent, and this will cause the oil to separate. While in the process, the PHO will appear to resemble crystallized honey.

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This propane hash oil seems to have a much higher terpene profile than the butane hash oil that I am most used to. The THC content in this must also be through the roof, because I was near instantly high within minutes of vaping it.

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