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Private Reserve

Private reserve is a term that is used to refer to the highest level of cannabis that is available at a dispensary or cannabis delivery service. While all cannabis goes through the same process of drying, curing and storing adequately, private reserve is especially cared for at the highest level to maintain and preserve the terpene and cannabinoid content levels.

Many cultivators will leave aside tiny batches of cannabis for private reserve cannabis because of its quality. Private reserve usually has a very strong aroma, appealing colors, unique structure of the buds, and are usually priced the highest. These are strains that are known to be fairly rare and celebrated by cultivators. On the market, cannabis typically comes in four different categories.

House or compassion shelf is the first tier, mid-shelf is the second tier, top shelf is the third tier, and private reserve is at the top of the tier list with the highest price and highest quality. The price list based on this tier level goes from low to high. For private reserve to be considered of premium quality, it must contain a very dense coating of trichomes, bright and deep greens, blues, or purples, and the perfect texture when held.

The moisture level will have to be at a very high level to result in a perfect smoking experience for the user, and also to prevent mold from ever happening. Premium reserve is expected to be lab tested for pesticides, metals, and to determine its terpene and cannabinoid content. It must have a very diverse profile to be considered private reserve. Many cannabis consumers seek out private reserve because of its high THC level, but most medicinal consumers are looking for the higher levels of CBD.

Use of Term

This private reserve cannabis is of the highest quality that I have ever smoked.

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