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Pre-roll refers to joints that have been prepared by a vendor that sells cannabis products or a dispensary. Pre-rolls are ready to be smoked and make it convenient for the consumer because they won’t have to worry about grinding up cannabis, rolling the joint, or sealing it. Joints that are pre-rolled are available in a variety of different strains, flavors, and potencies. Some pre-rolls are sold in individual tubes for single-use consumption, and others are packaged in multiples.

The sizing involved in pre-rolled joints can range in length from the size of a pinky to the size of a cell phone. Pre-rolls are ideal for consumers because they are fairly cheap, disposable, and can be used in individual or group settings. Instead of a group of friends having to worry about who is the best joint roller, grinding up the weed, and then cleaning up afterward, they can just purchase a preroll which is nicely and conveniently made for them. One downside of smoking joints, in general, is that in a study conducted in 2015, it found that users consume under half of the available cannabinoids.

The study went on to state that the remainder of the cannabinoids usually ends up being burned in ash or disappearing in smoke that isn’t inhaled. Though most seasoned cannabis users don’t typically smoke joints for the purely intoxicating benefits of them. Their discretion, convenience, and use in social settings make them a positive way to enjoy the experience.

Over the years, prerolls have increased in quality because of the competition. They used to include excess leaves and stems to save on costs for the producers, but as with most things, low quality never stands the test of time.

Use of Term

I’m so bad at rolling joints, so I just picked up a pre-roll at the store and I told everyone at the party that I rolled it myself. They now think I’m a professional joint roller.

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