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Post-harvest refers to all of the actions that are done after a cannabis crop has finished its growth cycle. If the crop isn’t harvested, dried, and cured properly after its harvest, the terpenes can evaporate and the cannabinoids can decarboxylate. This will result in a large drop in the flavor and potency of cannabis. During harvest, the trichomes on the cannabis plants are at their most vulnerable state.

These trichomes are what produce the intoxicating and therapeutic properties of a high. One cannabis plants are harvested, drying them is an important step to keep their potency and color preserved. If the cannabis isn’t dried correctly, it can develop mold, lose flavor, and lose its aroma. One of the easiest ways to dry it is just by hang-drying because it will ensure an even dry at the same pace for all of the plants.

After the drying process is complete, trimming is the next important step. The main goal that is accomplished by trimming is to remove the extra leaves that appear to have a lower trichome concentration. the easiest way to trim the buds is by holding them by the stem and cutting the leaves and stems surrounding them off. Trimming over a screen is recommended so that the trichomes will fall onto it.

Holding the plants by the stem is always recommended as well to protect the buds from trichome damage. The final stage of the post-harvest process is curing. This process provides a controlled breakdown of residual chlorophyll in the colas to make sure that they aren’t too wet or too dry. The simplest way to cure cannabis is to just place it in glass sealed jars for around 1 to 2 months. Opening the jars daily will provide fresh oxygen, and then during the last 2 weeks of the process, backing it off to 2 to 3 days will ensure a good balance of flavor and aroma.

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