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Pollen is a substance that is produced by the reproductive organs in the male marijuana plant. It is required to fertilize the female marijuana plant, in order for it to produce seeds. Pollen is necessary for breeding different strains of cannabis and cultivating. Pollen spreads naturally through the outdoor environment, so sometimes pollination is hard to stop from happening, but with indoor growing, there is a lot more control involved to prevent that from happening.

Pollen appears to be a powdery, dusty, and mostly yellowish substance. Artificial pollination is practiced by many indoor growers because they don’t have the same benefits of rain, wind, and insects that are specific to outdoor pollination. When male cannabis plants develop their pollen sacs, it is usually suggested that they are kept a close eye on so that they don’t open and start the pollination process.

Many growers will put bags around the pollen sacs to collect the pollen and hold it until they are ready to begin the pollination process with the female plants. Some growers will remove the entire male flower cluster and put it into a storage container until the cluster has dried up. When it has dried, they put it over a micron type screen with wax or parchment paper underneath and then give it a good shake. This keeps the pollen separate from the remainder of the plant matter. When the pollen is ready to be introduced to the female plant, it is at the bud of the plant. White

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You’ll first have to collect the pollen from the male cannabis plants in preparation for pollinating the female ones.

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