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A pod can be thought of like a single-serve cartridge that contains cannabis. Sometimes pods are being compared to Keurig pods for coffee because they resemble the same type of idea, just with cannabis instead of the coffee. A pod system is kind of a mixture between an e-cigarette and a mod. They offer the best of both worlds where you can enjoy the portability and a powerful battery all in one.

A pod is used instead of a tank or atomizer being required and the pod will contain the product that is to be vaporized. You can then inhale the vapor through a mouthpiece. Many pods have a capacity of 2ml, but if you do take the time to look around, there are surely larger ones. Pods have a number of advantges. They are extremely easy to use and anyone can just pick it up and instantly know how to use it. One operating button is usually all they have on them.

They are convenient, light, and very easy to carry around in your pocket. Even though they can sometimes produce a fair amount of vapor, they are very discreet in your hands. Pods are decently priced in comparison to other devices that can be used. Many traditional vaporizer systems have issues with leakage, but with pods that issue is eliminated. Though they do have a lot of advantages, two small disadvantages are that they have a small capacity of 2ml, and for some users, this is not much. The battery life is said to be a little on the low side for heavy vape sessions, especially if you are passing it around to a group of friends in a social setting.

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I’m starting to like the pod method of vaping more and more. It’s just so easy and convenient.

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