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A pipe is a tiny device used to smoke marijuana. Many dispensaries or glass shops will carry a wide variety of different pipes. Marijuana is packed into the bowl on the end of the pipe, and there is usually a hole to cover the carb on the side of the bowl where the weed is packed.

Pipes have a lengthy history that dates back to 4,000 years ago. The first historical evidence of pipes was found in ancient Egypt. There have been pipes and related material found in Egyptian sarcophagi in 2000 BC. Native Americans have also used pipes in their cultural ceremonies, in war, and at social gatherings. In India and in the Middle East, pipes are widely used to smoke a hookah. Pipes are very convenient for the user and surprisingly in 2003, the U.S.

Department of Justice had a whole operation in place that focused on glassblowers throughout the U.S. These people were charged with trafficking illegal drug items and some even ended up in prison. Some of the different forms that pipes come in are hand pipes, steamrollers, and one-hitters. Hand pipes are mostly found to be made of glass, but one-hitters can be made of many different materials. One-hitters are smaller pipes around 2-4 inches in length and don’t hold as much cannabis as a standard pipe. Steamrollers are cylindrical and are kind of a combination between hand pipes and one-hitters.

Over time, pipes can tend to get fairly dirty with residue and can potentially clog up and ruin the flavor of the cannabis that is being smoked. To clean a pipe properly, place it in a sealed bag with rubbing alcohol, add a teaspoon of salt, and let it soak for half a day. The solution should be able to dissolve the residue inside the pipe.

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