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A pinner is considered to be a very thin cannabis joint or blunt. A cannabis user will usually roll a pinner when they don’t want to feel too intoxicated, or if they only have access to a very small amount of weed. A pinner might also be rolled if a certain strain of weed is extremely potent and not a lot of it is needed to get the effects.

Pinners are convenient because the users doesn’t have to deal with any excess waste after they are done smoking it. The origination of the word pinner is fairly fragmented and there are two arguments surrounding where it started. The first one is that it is called a pinner because it is thin like a small sewing pin and the second one is that it comes from being locked up in the pen because it’s hard to get cannabis into a jail, so they roll it very small to make it last a while.

A pinner is around the size of a toothpick, but there is no real standard size to measure its exact dimensions. It is evenly packed and can resemble a cone shape. Some users will use the term pinner to describe cannabis that is of low quality. Some other synonyms for pinner are percy spliff, pinner blunt, pin-needle, pinner joint, and needle joint. There are cannabis users that believe pinners to be a waste of time because the cost of the paper to roll up such a small amount of cannabis is almost not even worth it. Other users will think their friends are trying to cheap out on sharing their cannabis if they role a pinner.

Use of Term

I have a tiny bit of ground of weed left, so I think I will just roll a small pinner and smoke it.

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