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Pinene is known to be one of the most popular and common terpenes in marijuana. Pinene comes in two forms known as alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. Alpha-pinene is the most prevalent one in marijuana and is also the one that is most frequently encountered in nature in general. It is an aromatic terpene used in basil, dill, rosemary, parsley, and many pine trees. There has been a substantial amount of research being put into pinene and its ability to treat conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, and respiratory disorders.

Pinene has a pine tree type of aroma to it. Turpentine trees produce the resin that pinene is from and it can often be found in eucalyptus and orange peel oils. It has been used as biofuel in spark-ignition engines because when two pinene molecules link together, their volumetric heating values rank high as a fuel. Researchers recently synthetically produced pinene through a bacterium with the purpose of being researched to find out if it had potential as a biofuel.

Pinene can be found in the kitchen in dishes that are made with pine nuts. It is widely used in insect repellants because they do not like the smell of it. A study that was done to find out if pinene had anti-flammatory benefits revealed that it had a fairly positive result on animals and came to the conclusion that it could potentially be used as a drug to treat inflammatory diseases. Some studies that were done on animals concluded that alpha and beta-pinene have anti-tumor properties and could also be effective in treating prostate cancer. Alpha-pinene was found to reduce prostate cancer cell growth in mice. Beta-pinene is said to play a role in the way cannabis can help increase a person’s mood.

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I like smoking weed that has beta-pinene in it because it tends to boost my mood.

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