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Phellandrene is one of two compounds known as alpha-phellandrene and beta-phellandrene which both contain a comparable molecular structure and chemical characteristics. They are classified as monoterpenes and phellandrene is a component of eucalyptus oil. Beta-phellandrene is secluded from the oils of Canadian balsam and water fennel. The phellandrenes are made to produce many popular fragrances on the market today due to their citrus and mint-like properties.

Alpha-phellandrene and beta-phellandrene are both insoluble in liquid, but they are miscible or mixable in ether. In contact with high air temperatures, the alpha-phellandrene isomer is notable for its potential to form an explosive peroxide. What makes it possible to create perfumes and colognes from their essences, is through blending the phellandrenes with ether. Phellandrene is recognized to be a secondary terpene in cannabis. By it being a secondary terpene, this just means that it isn’t as popular as a primary terpene such as myrcene.

Phellandrene has been used for many centuries in turmeric leaf oil to treat a host of different infections ranging from fungal to bacterial ones. Practitioners in the Eastern part of the world have used it to give a boost of energy to people and to reduce the production of phlegm.

Phellandrene is present in a number of different cannabis strains, but it is also commonly found in cinnamon, angelica, ginger grass, dill, lavender, and pine. People that have used forest and earthy types of perfumes or colognes have probably come across phellandrene used as an ingredient in them. One study in 2014 revealed that alpha-phellandrene reduced the growth of liver tumor cells in humans.

Some similar studies that were more recently conducted showed that there were similar results when being used on leukemia cells. Additional research is still required to show how they could have an effect on clinical cancer cases.

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