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Outdoor is a term in the cannabis industry that refers to the growing of cannabis plants in an outdoor setting that are exposed to the various environmental conditions of sunlight, temperature change, and other factors. A lot of different factors come into play when a grower wants to grow a successful cannabis crop. Things such as location, outdoor weather conditions, pests, diseases that can occur to the plants, altitude, and even the genetic disposition of the strain.

When cannabis is grown outdoors in the northern locations of the world, it will typically follow the seasons and is harvested in October and November. The appearance of the cannabis is the first thing that will look different when comparing whether it was grown indoors or outdoors. With outdoor cannabis, the buds are usually quite bigger, have a thicker stem, whereas indoor grown cannabis will be more dense. The trichomes on outdoor grown cannabis plants will will cover more surface area on the bud, but because of the environmental elements, they are more subject to damage during development.

This will cause the trichomes to be more sparse in comparison to indoor grown ones. Color is another big differentiating factor between outdoor and indoor grown cannabis. Outdoor cannabis will be a lot darker and the nugs will have a much darker green, even leaning towards brown if they aren’t cured properly. Indoor grown cannabis will have a brighter green.

With outdoor grown, cannabis will have a kind of light brownish color around the base of the bud. Some consumers will tend to think that indoor cannabis is always more potent than outdoor. One grower has compared outdoor and indoor grown cannabis with duplicate clones from the same mother plant and found that the plant that was cultivated outside in the sun had a higher cannabinoid profile.

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