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Open Blasting

Open blasting is a method of extracting marijuana that is known to be fairly dangerous and not regulated. The process typically takes place inside a metal or glass tube where a solvent is used for the extraction process, but a closed-loop system is preferred due to the safety concerns with the open blasting methods.

Because of the risk of explosion, open blasting is not used in commercial extraction manufacturing facilities. Open blasting is used to make cannabis concentrates like hash oil. The process forces the solvent entirely through the cannabis plant material and pulls out its oils.

Butane is known to be the most used solvent to blast the plant material. With closed-loop blasting, it is considered to be safer because the butane is pushed through one end of the metal or glass tube and as it expands and flows through the plant material, the oils will then flow out the other side of the tube.

One thing to note about blasting is that it can cause a residue to be left in the concentrate. As a result, this can change the taste of it when it is vaped or smoked. Butane hash oil is most commonly made with the blasting method, but it can also be used to produce honeycomb, wax, glass, and honey toast. Some users that open blast for personal cannabis use sometimes use glass or screen filters and opening blasting is known to be a little more affordable than a closed-loop blasting system.

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I got fairly lucky that nothing lit up in flames during my last open blasting session. I think I’m going to consider investing in a closed-loop method of blasting instead because I’m starting to get fairly concerned for my safety. The health risks just aren’t worth it.

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