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OG is a strain of cannabis where its origination is surrounded in mystery. Some people claim it to be a hybrid cross between Chemdawg and Hindy Kush. Its name is also surrounded in questions. It has been known to stand for original gangster, ocean grown (because of its historical origin near the California coast), and, which used to be a website that people used for growing cannabis.

OG cannabis has a fairly strong potency of around 20% to 25%. The leaves on OG have a yellowish green hue to them, but some can also display a glimmer of purple if cold weather has set in. OG has buds that are covered in trichomes and if you touch them, your hands will be very sticky. The aroma is of an earthy and musty smell that might have faint hints of citrus odors. OG has a high that will start in the head with a rush that will create a sense of focus on whatever task the user is doing.

The user might notice colors and sounds more and these senses will create a more positive mood that will eventually lead to a glimmer of euphoria. Users will not experience any mind-racing effects with this strain and it is a good choice to smoke if you are in social situations like parties. Video games and exercise are also said to be intensified with OG. Some medical uses of it are for anxiety, depression, and people with various attention deficit disorders. OG is suggested to be used during the afternoon or early evening because it tends to keep the user energized with its uplifting properties.

Use of Term

I like smoking this OG before going to gym because it keeps me energized and focused on my workouts.

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