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A Nug-Run concentrate is a label that explains that cannabis buds and flowers were used as the primary material in the extraction. Nug-Runs produce high quality products due to the high quantity of THC present in the mix. Nug is a term used to describe to any flower of the mature marijuana plant, regardless of what size it is. It is a term that is also used to refer to high quality concentrates such as hash oil that is made strictly from just the nugs.

Cannabis flowers are used instead of using trim material to create the concentrates. It offers a product with a smoother taste, flavour, and a fragrance that is more pronounced than trim-run concentrates. In addition, it also contains higher trichome and terpenes concentrations. Making cannabis concentrates allows manufacturers who produce medical marijuana to offer more bang for their buck to consumers.

Concentrates usually a higher THC level per ounce in comparison to dried plant matter and can be produced in many ways. One of the specific ways results in a concentrate of the highest possible quality named nug run. The concentrate is made of only the tiniest flowers and trimmed material from the plant in normal cannabis production.

This is commonly referred to as “trim run” or just “trim,” producing less taste, less strength, and a lower yield. Larger, more mature flowers would be smoked on their own in this production method. Full nugs (flowers) are used to produce the concentrate in a nug-run concentrate. In addition, only complete and full flowers are used, with no excess trim material or immature flowers included.

The final product results in a much more aromatic cannabis concentrate that features a better taste and stronger potency. Nug runs typically result in higher yields of the size of nugs being used. Manufacturers that use smaller nugs and trimmings have smaller yields.

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The nug-run concentrate that I consumed last night was awfully great stuff.

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