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First off, let us discuss slang. The purpose of slang in our everyday communication is surprisingly not the exchange of information. But rather slang serves a social purpose instead. By sharing and maintaining a continually changing slang vocabulary, this aids in supporting group unity and its purpose is to include and exclude members.

To put it this way, view slang as the linguistic equivalent of fashion. And much like how wearing distinctive clothes and accessories, slang serves much the same purpose within our society. Like trendy, stylish clothing and modes of popular entertainment, for slang to be effective, it must be new, fresh, current and contemporary with the times. And most of all, slang must be appealing and able to gain acceptance within a group quickly.

Now that the definition for slang has been established, let’s examine nugs. Nug is a slang term used within the marijuana community for a knob of the bud material of high-quality cannabis. It’s a shortened form of “nuggets”, and refers to the way pieces of bud look once they have been removed from the marijuana plant, dried and cured.

The marijuana community may be viewed as a counter-culture or counter-establishment group. Oftentimes a common vocabulary unknown outside the group provides a useful way to keep information secret or mysterious. Typically, slang is cultivated among people in society who have little real political power. An example of these people are adolescents, college students, and enlisted personnel such as those in the military. Then there are those who have reason or desire to hide from people in authority what they know or do, such as chronic gamblers, drug addicts, and incarcerated prisoners.

Nug is a slang term that originated within the cannabis culture. Sometimes, it can be used to refer to the entire bud itself, but it’s more commonly applied to pieces, whether it be large or small. In some instances, nug can be used to refer to the quality of cannabis, but this is rare and not often the case – the word usually only applies to the highest-quality bud product.

Use of Term

I packed such a nice little nug into my bowl last night that all it took was one toke to do me in for the evening.

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