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As consumers, we are very well familiar with retail store and retail sales. This is when a business sells a service or product to us the individual consumer.

But what about non-retail? There are 6 distinct methods for non-store retailing. They are the ubiquitous Television Home Shopping and other such networks, Direct Selling, Automatic Vending, online retailing, catalogue mail order, and Telemarketing. Now naturally, the non-store retailing methods will vary and this all depends upon the involvement between the customer and the retailer. An example of how it varies is through vending when they are exposed to the least amount of involvement. Whereas with direct selling they will be exposed to the most.

The essential breakdown of how this works is through non-store retailing there is the selling of goods and services outside the confines of a conventional retail facility. Being a generic term, as one would imagine this is retailing taking place outside of shops and stores which is to say, off the premises of a fixed retail location and of market stands. The non-store distribution channel can be divided into two separate areas.

One being distance selling, which includes a variety of electronic commerce such as online shopping, internet trading platforms, travel portals, global distribution systems and teleshopping. And the second being direct selling which is off-premises sales. Examples of direct selling are all forms of selling in consumers’ homes and offices, including even local neighbourhood garage sales.

Most popularly referred to as Home Shopping, in the past several years, it comes as no surprise that non-store retailing has been consistently exhibiting double-digit growth, and understandably slowly but surely has been taking a bigger share of overall retailing as a whole. In product niches such as travel, books, and media, the share sales is significantly higher. For example, 19.5% of all book sales made by Amazon are for their Kindle e-book reader. Lifestyle and fashion brands have entered the non-store retailing space including Everlane, Dollar Shave Club and Tieks. So clearly people are enjoying the at home comfort and total convenience of non-store retailing.

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I like the non-retail type of marijuana businesses because purchasing is just so convenient and discreet through them.

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