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Nectar collector

For those within the marijuana community, there is a term called dabbing. Producing a mighty yet uniquely smooth hit, dabbing is the process of using a heated nail coated with the concentrated oil from a marijuana plant then inhaling the smoke which is produced when the oil is burned. Concentrated oils are a quicker and much more powerful way to enjoy the marijuana experience.

A nectar collector is a relatively new type of dabbing apparatus. Made from either glass or silicone and possessing the design of a straight tube akin to a common drinking straw, a nectar collector is used for smoking concentrated marijuana oils and waxes. With its design it is comprised of a neck, body and tip to make up a nectar collector. Typically, the tip is made from ceramic, quartz, or titanium.

At the one end of the nectar collector there is the mouthpiece used to inhale the smoke that is produced. As a convenient feature, the mouthpiece can be removed for easy cleaning. And as an added bonus, this feature also makes it compact for travel. Featured at the centre of the nectar collector is the main body itself and percolator.

The percolator cools down and filters the smoke. All nectar collectors must possess a filtration system that relies upon water to clear and filter the smoke. Once the water is placed in the main body, the nectar collector has an inherent engineered design which prevents spills from occurring.

One of the main reasons to use a nectar collector is that they have significant advantages over other conventional dab rig apparatuses. A nectar collector is easy to use and is regarded as a unique technique to smoke waxes and oils. The growing popularity of a nectar collector within the marijuana dabbing community is due to its lack of waste, convenient portability and ease of use.

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Dabbing is so much easier because of this nectar collector kit that I purchased a few days ago.

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