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Usually, hash oil is made from a combination of trim, shake, and stems. However, when hash oil is only created from cannabis buds and flowers, this is referred to as Nectar and is very hard to find. Throughout the field of botany, nectar is a sweet liquid that most flowers contain.

Nectar is an essential source of food for several wildlife groups, including hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Bees also capture the flow of nectar while flowers are in full bloom. It has also been shown that nectar encourages pollination by attracting multiple types of pollinators.

Nectar will appear similar to live resin and oil styx, but there is quite a big difference between them all. Nectar is typically made using a steamed, distilled, nug-run process that uses the entire cannabis flower. While it tests at over 80% in THC content, this makes it one of the more potent THC concentrates out there.

If you have chronic pain and inflammation, it is said to be therapeutic for that. It’s also known to help with symptoms of nausea, often more so in cases if cannabis has been used and a long period of time. If consumers enjoy the taste of flower when they are taking hits out of a bong or just in a joint, then they will most likely enjoy nectar.

Because it uses the entire flower in production, it results in a more authentic taste. Some people turn to nectar or other concentrates when they want to take their high to the next level. Consumers might also do so if they have developed a strong tolerance to regular cannabis use and need something more potent to feel the effects.

Use of Term

I’ve developed a slight tolerance to smoking regular cannabis, so I decided to try some nectar and got very high.

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