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A Nail or a Spike refers to a long piece of metal, glass, quartz, or titanium used to smoke cannabis concentrates. These devices are heated to a desired temperature using a blow torch and then dabbed with a small glob of shatter, wax, or other concentrate.

This process vaporizes the concentrate and results in a potent hit. There are a few different types of nails. There’s domeless nails, domed nails, and electronic nails. There are a variety of different styles, including domed and domeless versions. A domeless nail makes it simple and efficient for cannabis users to consume concentrate.

Unlike a domed nail, the domeless nail has a bigger size, meaning a larger amount of marijuana concentrate can be used in the process. Dome or no dome, the nail should heat up very fast and will be able to hold its heat for a lengthy amount of time. Not having a dome makes it easier to heat up concentrate. But, without having the protective dome that many nails have, it will lose heat a lot quicker. In order to prevent heat loss, some consumers put a carb cap on the domeless nail.

The electric nail monitors and regulates the temperature of the nail when using a dab rig for weed concentrate. This method will effectively remove the need to use a butane torch. The nail is necessary for heating the concentrate to form vapour. These can be made from materials such as granite, glass, titanium or ceramic.

An electronic nail is usually a tiny box that will fit right over the nail. It incorporates an electrically heated metal coil. The circumference of the coiled rings is between 16 and 20 mm. They are stacked on top of each other. They were far too expensive for the regular consumer to afford when they first came out, but their price has since decreased significantly.

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I have a domeless nail on my dab rig.

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