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Myrcene is an alkene natural hydrocarbon and is a significant element of the essential oil of several plants, including cannabis, hops and bay. Used as a key component in the production of a variety of fragrances, myrcene is produced semi-synthetically from myrcia from which its name is derived.

Myrcene is produced by the pyrolysis of β-pinene, which is obtained from turpentine. Rarely is it obtained specifically from plants. Terpenes occur naturally from dehydration of terpenol geraniol.

In theory, myrcene could be extracted from any number of plants. Wild thyme is an example of one such plant. The leaves of wild thyme contain up to 40% by weight of myrcene. Many other number of plants can contain a significant amount of myrcene. Most notably cannabis, mango, lemon grass, Houttuynia, cardamom, Myrcia and West Indian bay tree.

With its pleasant fragrance but rarely used directly, myrcene is an important ingredient used in the perfume industry. Myrcene is used as an intermediate for the preparation of flavor and fragrance chemicals such as geraniol, linalool, nerol, citronellol, citral, citronellal and menthol.

Throughout the cannabis genome, hundreds of terpenes are present. But of all the terpenes the one that stands out and is the most common is myrcene. In terms of its fragrance, myrcene possesses an earthy, spicy, clove quality in the strains of cannabis of which it is known to be predominate. It should be noted that the fragrance profile and medicinal benefits of an individual plant will be affected because of all the varied cannabis strains, each has its own intrinsic ratio (relative volumes) of terpenes. Of all the terpenes produced by the cannabis herb, myrcene is considered one of the top 10, major producers.

Most prevalent in Indica and various hybrid strains of marijuana, myrcene is a key element of menthol and citronella. The following is a short list of the marijuana strains containing myrcene: Cannatonic, Bubba Kush produced by Whistler. Then produced by CannaFarms there is Canna Bliss, Harlequin, and Remedy which apparently has an incredibly high amounts of CBD. Produced by Canntrust, there is Sensi Star and all rounded out with Skunk, Skunk #1, Skunk XL, Special Kush 1 followed by White Widow.

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There must be a lot of myrcene in this cannabis because it has an earthy type of scent.

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